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Author Daniel R. Williamson was born in Wooster, Ohio, and grew up on a small farm near Creston, Ohio. He's married and has three children and seven grandchildern. He developed his writing skills at a branch of the University of Akron. Daniel and his wife Kathleen enjoy long rides in the country and wildlife viewing.
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Daniel R. Williamson

I truly believe the Bible is God’s written Word and is the absolute truth. It is because I know the Bible is true that I believe God’s written Word must be in agreement with scientific facts. God is not a liar nor is He a deceiver; therefore, when Bible facts and scientific facts are not in agreement, I don’t doubt the truthfulness of the Bible nor the accuracy of scientific facts. I simply keep searching the Scriptures until I understand the truth.

Sometimes answers come within days and sometimes they arrive after years of searching. I never give up.

I believe God made man in His image and after His likeness and that God is Spirit. It therefore seems reasonable to me to believe that man was also made a spirit being or living soul and then was placed in a spiritual place called the Garden of Eden.

I present the information in my book "GOD'S CREATION REVEALED" to the readers as evidence that my hypothesis is correct. I believe that after you have read this book your faith in God and the Bible will be greatly increased.


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